No Way Out Of Nowhere

by Sub-Urban

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Observational social commentary on urban life, environment, sickness and sadness. Sub-Urban lays foundations for found sounds, spoken word and hysteria, a knee jerk reaction to a sun burnt society, gazing through eyes we all see in to.


released January 1, 2014

FTG - beats
Brian O'Dwyer - beats and music
Slick - spoken word (nonconformist trippa)



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Bleeemo Music Melbourne, Australia

Non-genre specific experimental music from Australia and beyond.

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Track Name: Nonconformist trippa
How do I get out of this mess, I need to get myself a room and a bed, you think? Try and be at ease with the easy life, the cool breeze coming in on a hot summers night. Yo yeah, you have to put up a fight, have to fight to sleep, I can't believe it I'm so weak, I'm not as strong as I used to be, I'm a bit tubby, I'm a bit chubby, I like a bit of a rub, a hot tub at night, Yo yeah, give me a sign and let me bust a mother fucking rhyme I'm coming at ya from behind.
There's a few issues around here, a few fucking issues around here, but don't be sorry, you don't need to pass me the tissues. It's not your fault, I missed the boat, I don't mean to waste your time, but like an angry little kid I just have to mother fucking rhyme, I just have to mother fucking rhyme. Can't you see the sign? Can't you see what's happening to our earth? All the negative pollution, we got to come up with a solution, negative fusion of governments abusing it's not like we live under a dictatorship.
Right, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, cause I'm walking on a hot summers day in my thongs and my baggy pants and my tight tee, Yo, yeah it's just me, cause I'm a nonconformist trippa, I'll give you a bit of lip-a, if you ever let me slip ya. I'll spray your words to the outer reaches, compelled to make these speeches and the teaches that beat ya's and all these things that eat up in my mind and I can't sleep at night, because I can't rewind the clock and think what I did back when it was all blocked in my head and now I just realized that my face is going red and I'm getting nervous energy from there but it makes me go good because it makes me go like I'm part of the hood like the old school, like the Richmond days, the Richmond daze, yeah yeah, far and away, it all comes together. And yeah I've got all these memories from everything, from the past and the cast is live on my drug taking, now I'm just making music every day, yeah, yeah, cause I do things my way, the Slick way, I'm up and down like a roller-coaster but hey, I'm there because I'm gonna be on a bill poster one day. And I love most of all, I love all the musicians over here, I love everything over here, in this place, in my space, my space is the only place to get a taste of what you wanna get.
Why, why, why, cause no matter how low I get you'll never see me beg, Cause I can stand on my own two legs, there's nothing wrong with my head, got the world upon my shoulders, seems to be hanging by a thread and every day I'm choosing a new path to tread. These travelers soles they want my feet and I gotta stay of these streets, and I gotta get myself a room and get some rest think about how to get my mind out of this mess yo.
Yo, yeah it's just me.